Update : 17th July ’11
Textoo 1.0 is no more supported. Textoo Pro has reached the app store. Supports more gateways and has a lot of bonus features. Android version of Textoo is also being worked on. Click here to know more.

Update : 22nd Sept ’10
A new page has been setup here for the app. More info on this app with be posted on this page from now on.

Update : 15th Sept ’10

Apple has approved my enrollment into the developer programme. I am now expecting the approval process for the app to complete soon.

Update : 13th Sept ’10

The application is complete. I am now waiting for apple to approve my enrollment into the developer program so that I can release the app on app store. In the mean time you can have a look at the screenshots below. The app will support multiple gateways and the user will select a particular account to send the text message. The app also has a update feature to download the new gateway lists. Stay tuned for the developer API to add your own gateways to the application.

Update : 9th Sept ’10

This is taking longer than I thought, and I have put in more features than I had planned initially. Changing ETA to 13th Sept ’10..

Aug 26th ’10

I am now working on the creation of a mobile phone application for Android and Iphone which will allow you to send free SMS using the PHP API which I created a month back . This is the domain I never explored before, so will take a bit longer to come up with something useful. Hopefully, I can finish it by the end of this week, so that mid of next week, I can release it here. Follow me on twitter(@kiransmile) to stay updated on the latest posts.

This is a mobile application for iPhone 4 and Android 1.6 which will allow you to send SMS messages to India, UAE, Singapore, Kuwait etc using the free web based SMS gateways like 160by2, way2sms etc. Of course, you will need to register on the respective gateway websites to get an account, afterwhich you push in the accoutn details into the app using an easy to use interface. Afte

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