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Since childhood, I was always fascinated by the movies having those CG animation sequences. I always dreamt of growing up to be an animator. But it started taking shape when I installed the trial version of 3ds max 4. The ease of use and the hidden power of 3dsmax immediately stuck to me. I started spending hours together staring at the screen trying to make some cool shapes with different materials. Playiing with reflection & refraction materials combined with smoke and particles became my new way to pass time. With help from the ’3dsmax 6 Bible’, I learnt a few basics. Here are some of the videos I rendered:

But the state of 3D animation as a career in India wasnt too luring at that time. The standard choices of Engineering & Medical practice as a career were the only ones which defined a successful person. So I had to stop spending my time on 3D modelling and concentrate more on my studies which eventually made me curb my dream of becoming an animator. Although later on I used my 3D modelling experience when working on Google Sketchup to model my college in 3D for use along with the multi avatar chat based website for Incident 09, I dont think I would ever go back to 3dsmax again.

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  • #1 written by sonita
    about 13 years ago

    dear kiran plz make 3d name style for my community(orkut)so plz u send me link

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      about 8 years ago

      mujhu kao pati khelana he

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    about 6 years ago

    I  found this blog useful and informative. The videos are just awesome. Thanks for sharing your work. Keep sharing such informative articles on animation.