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New KBC HTML5 game launched

This was a simple game I created using SWiSH in 2005. The questions appear randomly with no logic for the levels of difficulty and the “Phone a friend” lifeline is a dummy lifeline with no real purpose. The game was hosted on a free domain kbc2.be and also on openflash.be initially which got a decent amount of hits. Those domain names dont exist anymore, so I have published it here. You can download the source code and read the instructions below if you like to edit the game to suite your needs. This game will be moved to a new site soon.

How to play the KBC game ?

When you open the game, you will be taken to the first question directly. There is no concept of fastest finger first in the game right now. This first question if answered correctly, will fetch you 1000 Rs. Answering a question is through one of the four given choices. As the game progresses, with every question, the money that you won will double. Any any point, if you think that you do not know the game, you can use one of the 4 given lifelines. Every lifeline can only be used once throughout the game. The first lifeline is fifty fifty. This lifeline will remove 2 wrong choices and you have to pick the right answer from the remaining 2 choices. You can also use phone a friend lifeline. This lifeline will simulate a conversation with your friend. As per the logic of the game phone a friend will mostly give the right answer. You might also run out of the 30 second time limit for phone a friend. The third lifeline is audience poll lifeline. This will simulate a poll amongst the audience attending KBC and will show you the results of the poll in the form of a bar graph. The fourth lifeline is called “flip”. This will skip the current questions and show you a new question without increasing your money. The flip lifeline also can only be used once. At any point of time, if you answer the question wrongly, you may lose all your money. But throughout the game there are different levels. Like 3,20,000 Rs for example is one such level. If you answer a question wrongly after winning, 3,20,000 Rs., you will take home that money and wont lose all the money.

At any point during the game you can alo adjust the volume levels for the game.

Also the questions shown to you are NOT arranged in descending order of difficulty and are randomly sorted.
WARNING: This game is very addictive ! People have wasted days together, and I bet you cant stop at one game.
This flash game is a simulation of the actual TV show and includes the audio samples from the real game show. The questions are randomly selected from a database of 1200 entries which range from very easy to very difficult ones. If you are able to earn 5 crore Rs in this flash game then there is a high chance that you can win some good money in the real game show too.
Please note that this game is not affiliated to the actual game show broadcasted in Set India network and every Rupee you earn in this flash simulation will fetch you exactly zero rupees in the real world.

The game has been updated on 16th Nov ’11. Now if you can win 5 crores in this simulation twice in a row, without cheating, then you will definitely win 5 crores in the actual TV show.

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KBC game : Kaun Banega Crorepati online flash game 2013, 8.4 out of 10 based on 3352 ratings

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