Here’s a list of 5 cool apps which will help every developer in developing better apps for android.

Lets dive in to the list.

Android UI PatternsAndroid UI  Patterns

Update : 21/5/13 : App was removed from play store. Download the v4.1 apk file below

Android UI patterns app backup (com.groidify.uipatterns)
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Android UI patterns app backup (com.groidify.uipatterns)

UI design is the most time consuming and difficult phase of android application development. Deciding on a UI widget to use becomes very challenging until you look at the actual demo. This is where Android UI Patterns app excels at. It lists down all popular UI libraries used in Android and provides with a customizable working demo. It also provides a direct link to the github repository where the source code is hosted at. Some of the most  common libraries you will end up using in every modern app viz.  Action Bar Sherlock, View Pager, Holo Everywhere, Pull to refresh etc are pre-bundled along with the app. If you are new to Android world, this is an excellent app to discover UI patterns used across the platform. More useful if you are a android visual designer wanting to show an android developer the kind of user interaction you would like to see in the app. Every interaction designer will love the app for the demos and every developer will love  the app for providing open source libraries with cool demos.

AIDE - Android IDE


Android app on Google Play

Now that you have decided on the UI using the Android UI Patterns app, its time to write code. Typically you will grab a Mac, PC or a linux machine and install ADT to get started. But the coolest thing about android is that you can write, compile, test,  check in and publish your app right from within android.  Meet AIDE, a complete IDE which has syntax highlighting, auto completion, Continue reading “5 apps every android developer should know about” »

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