Few months ago, I had applied for a new google adsense account. This blog post is my experience of getting it approved.

After applying, I was greeted with this email :

Welcome to AdSense!

Your application has been reviewed. Now you need to create your first ad
unit and implement the ad code on your site for the full activation of
your account. Only blank ads will appear at first until the final approval
goes through. Once your site is fully activated, you’ll receive a
confirmation email and begin to see live ads.

Please sign in to Google AdSense to create your first ad unit and get
fully approved by using this guided tour: http://goo.gl/sZIGZ *

* Unfortunately, if you’re using Internet Explorer the guided tour may not
work properly. If you experience problems, please copy this URL
http://goo.gl/sZIGZ and paste it into a different browser’s address bar.

For further information please visit the AdSense Academy:

Please keep in mind…

1. Please don’t click on your ads, even to test them — doing so isn’t
permitted by the AdSense program policies:

2. You can add the AdSense code to a new page or site that complies with
our program policies at any time. There’s no need to inform us or apply
for a new account when you do. Please make sure our crawler can access any
webpage you place ad code on: http://goo.gl/NyUEy


The Google AdSense Team


I quickly placed my first ad on my website, and waiting eagerly for the account to be fully approved. After about 3 days, I get a mail which read like this : Continue reading “My Google Adsense story” »

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