July 17th 2011 : Textoo Pro now in the apple app store. Download it here : http://textoo.in

July 10th 2011 : Textoo v2.0 renamed to Textoo Pro

Release of Textoo Pro has been postponed to July 15th 2011 due to app store codesign issues.

Here’s a sneak peek into the brand new version of Textoo Pro – the iOS app which lets you send free real SMS to any mobile phone in India and other countries.
Based on the numerous feedback emails we have got, we have tried our best to incorporate all the enhancements into this version.

A brand new custom designed UI with retina support
With an intent to keep the UI similar on both iOS and android versions, the entire UI was rewritten by avoiding the use the standard components provided by apple SDK as much as possible. The UI design was inspired by Apple’s iBook application and each page was designed to work well on both portrait and landscape views with support for retina and non retina displays. Animations and transitions were added to boost the look and feel of the app.

free sms iphone appNative support for group messages and multi select contacts
Textoo is often used by people who send bulk messages very frequently. With Textoo Pro, you can create contact groups and these contact groups will be available anywhere on you device. The contact selector also allows you to choose multiple contacts at once thus making it easier when it comes to bulk messaging.

Message Queuing
Whenever a message cannot be sent because of the absence of internet connectivity, the message will get queued in the outbox and as soon as connectivity gets restored, you will be prompted to send the unsent messages. This feature also ensures that users without edge or 3G connectivity can queue their messages which will get sent as soon as they arrive at a place with WiFi hotspots.

textoo free sms iphone appMessage threads
Similar to the native messaging app, Textoo Pro allows you to start a new message thread or continue a previously started thread , thus keeping your messages organized. You can also control the maximum number of messages displayed in a thread. Whenever the message is being sent, the thread will include a progressbar showing the status of the sending procedure.

Automatic message slicing
Some of the gateways have a character limit for each SMS. Textoo will automatically detect this upper limit and slice the message into multiple parts and will send them one after the other. You could also specify the text which gets added after each of the sliced message to indicate to the receiver that it is one part of a long message. for e.g. (cont..)

Check out some of the other screens :

Stay tuned.. Textoo Pro will be available in the appstore on July 15th, 2011

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