14th March 2016: I am going to strike off this post since it is no more valid.

Saturday 16th Jan 2016 : All the issues I have mentioned below have been solved. The new security guards are very prompt and pleasing. CCTV cameras are installed in major entry points. Maintenance engineers have become prompt. Close to 50% of flats are now occupied. Overall the experience has become much better.

If you are planning to rent a flat at Aahika Apartment, Ranka colony road, Off Bannerghatta road, refrain from doing so. Here’s my experience of staying there, which will give you enough reasons to change your mind: 2 months back, I was searching for an apartment to stay on rent near bannerghatta road, and I fell for the good looks of Aahika apartment. I started staying in a 2BHK flat since the last one month. The apartments looks bright and well ventilated and is located in a posh locality. The building finished construction 6 years ago, but surprisingly there are hardly 10 occupied flats. The main reason being the numerous issues one has to go through everyday due to the absence of an association. The builder charges 3,500 Rs for a 2BHK and a whopping 6000 for a 3BHK flat. But there are only 2 maintenance staff for both the blocks (housing 200 flats). And the worst part is that the maintenance staff leave the premises by 7 pm everyday (Sunday is a holiday). So if you face any issues after 7 pm, you are doomed. In the past 15 days, I have gone through nights where there was no power anddays when there was no water. The security personnel who are there thankfully 24/7 claim that the there is no diesel for the generator, or they dont know to switch it on etc etc. The other day they said that the water pump was running for the whole day and the overhead tank was still empty .. thanks to someone broken pipe in an unoccupied flat. The swimming pool is not cleaned for ages, and the basement car parking area is always flooded with rain water. The lift door refuses to close once in a while and there have been times where I step out of the lift and take the stairs. When it comes to construction quality, its pathetic. Apparently the sub contractors were changed more than 100 times during the construction period. Very cheap quality fittings and tiles are used everywhere. The pipes are already corroded, the electric wires completely dissolved in rust. The flooring has turned brown whose original color even an acid cleaning did bring back. The electric fittings is probably done by a noob. Toilet light switches are inside the toilet, but geyser switches are placed outside, WOW !. So you will be entering the toilets (which are dark even in the day) almost blind. Another example of the ingenuity of the electrician: There are 2 switches beside the main door, which people mistakenly press for a call bell. But you will be stunned to see the call bell switch positioned as far as possible from the main door. The list goes on and on. Thanks to the stay here, I realized how the builder reputation matters when buying a flat. The builder is quoting 75 lacs for a 2 bhk flat, and hasnt managed to sell all flats even after 6 years of construction. Keeping all these issues, I would guess the value of the flats to depreciate soon. Most of the people have bought it as an investment and none have bought them for staying. I think they all the know the issues and chose to stay deaf. If anyone out there is planning to buy a flat or stay at Aahika on rent, you have been warned. I haven’t yet signed the rental agreement and will be vacating soon. I hope this post will help the others who are planning to stay there. This is the email I sent telling him that I wont be paying maintenance charges of 3.5K from now on :

Hi, The maintenance is getting worse every day. After so many days where I have lived days without water and electricity in the past, tonight again there was no power for 2 hours and generator was not working (no diesel). It doesnt make sense for me to pay maintenance charges when there is absolutely no person dedicatedly employed for the same. Akram is single point of contact for these issues and he never picks up my call nor does he arrive for any maintenance (he leaves at 6pm , and sunday is a holiday). I have addressed so many concerns to him but he has never come to fix any thing till now. Apart from generator and water issues, the swimming pool is never kept clean. Also half of the time, the lift doesnt work properly. So please dont expect me to pay the maintenance charges until all these issues are fixed and the builder appoints maintenance staff 24/7. I understand that you have communicated these issues to the builder, but I dont see any action taken at all.

Event log: Sunday 6th July 2014 : no power from 11am, generator down Monday 7th July 2014 : no power from 7:30 am, generator giving low voltage power Wednesday 9th July 2014 : no lights inside the elevator. Its like entering a cave. Friday 11th July 2014 : no water again for the whole day. Toilet taps and kitchen taps running dry. Monday 28th July 2014 : no water again since morning. All taps running dry. Security has no clue as usual. Akram’s phone is not reachable. Saturday 16th Aug 2014 : no water since 7 pm till 7 am next day. Wednesday 20th Aug 2014 : no water since morning 7 am

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