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App incompatible in Galaxy Tab 10.1/ large screen tablets after recent update

Faced this problem after a recent update to our app.

Fixed it by releasing new apk with this change in the manifest file.

<supports-screens android:resizeable="true"
              android:xlargeScreens="true" />

More info can be found in android documentation.

Our app was with minSdk = 8 and target sdk = 17 and we didnt face any issues until recently.

Seems like play store changed something at their end.

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Google webmaster tools geographic target

Strange effect of setting a website’s geographic target on Adsense

The other day, I opened Google webmaster tools and started playing around with the settings there. I came across this setting called geographic target and it was hidden deep beneath the enormous amount of configs anddata shown on the page.

Google webmaster tools geographic target

Out of curiosity, I changed the target and set it to India. I didnt have to think much about the consequences of the change since my website was already targeting Indian users and over 90% of daily users were from India. Continue reading “Strange effect of setting a website’s geographic target on Adsense” »

Incoming search terms: