Hiding action bar and go full screen

Show and hide android notification bar without causing a layout jerk

Many android apps require toggling between full screen and non full screen view (lets call it framed screen) smoothly.
Typical apps which require this feature include social networking apps (which require maximum use of the space to accomodate infinite timeline like features), ebook reader apps, image gallery apps, video player etc.

Hiding action bar and go full screen

By default, whenever you request for full screen mode, the activity will resize instantly to take the extra space and the this causes Continue reading “Show and hide android notification bar without causing a layout jerk” »

textoo sneak peek 001

Textoo Pro ; in the works

July 17th 2011 : Textoo Pro now in the apple app store. Download it here : http://textoo.in

July 10th 2011 : Textoo v2.0 renamed to Textoo Pro

Release of Textoo Pro has been postponed to July 15th 2011 due to app store codesign issues.

Here’s a sneak peek into the brand new version of Textoo Pro – the iOS app which lets you send free real SMS to any mobile phone in India and other countries.
Based on the numerous feedback emails we have got, we have tried our best to incorporate all the enhancements into this version.

A brand new custom designed UI with retina support
With an intent to keep the UI similar on both iOS and android versions, the entire UI was rewritten by avoiding the use the standard components provided by apple SDK as much as possible. The UI design was inspired by Apple’s iBook application and each page was designed to work well on both portrait and landscape views with support for retina and non retina displays. Animations and transitions were added to boost the look and feel of the app.

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titanium webcast recording screenshot

Webcast Recording: Titanium for New Developers

Hi all,

This is a recording of the webcast on Titanium for New developers ( a high level overview of Titanium architecture), hosted by Kevin Whinnery at Appcelerator Inc.

This webcast was broadcast on 5th Jan 2011, 9am PST.

titanium webcast recording screenshot

Click here to view the webcast

Twitter reputation score calculator screenshot

What’s my twitter reputation score ?

Last month, Twitter founder Evan Williams announced during the Web 2.0 summit that Twitter.com internally keeps a record of every users reputation score.  This made me wonder how do they calculate each users reputation mathematically. After some thought, I charted out a few parameters based on which they could possibly arrive at a quantitative measure of a users popularity on twitter. Here are some of my conclusions,

Number of followers: This factor contributes heavily to the score. More the followers, more is ones reputation. But its not just the number which decides the reputation. Each follower has his own reputation on twitter which will contribute to the user he follows. If a users reputation was only dependant on his followers, then a recursive algorithm would be required to accurately determine one’s reputation. Again the problem will arise when there are cyclic links, i.e. you are followed by a follower who is being followed by someone whom you are following, which will make it an infinite cycle. So the algorithm should stop the branching process as soon as cyclic links are detected. But most probably twitter.com would decide on the depth of penetration for each calculation beforehand.

Also there are certain users who back follow other users who are following them. Such cases will give rise to high rates of cyclic links and hence should not contribute much to the reputation calculation.

Number of retweets: You are definitely reputed if a significant number of users retweet your tweets regularly. So number of retweets coupled with the individual reputation of the user who is retweeting your tweet will add to your reputation score.

Number of mentions: If someone with a high individual reputation @mentions you, then your reputation score should increase.

mentions, favourites, listings etc….. todo

Twitter reputation score calculator screenshot

In the meantime checkout http://www.twitter-reputation.com. It is a small experimental page which I set up for finding out your own twitter reputation score based on the parameters listed above. I used the twitter @anywhere javascript API inspite of its limitations , instead of using the more stable PHP api, just to minimize server side bandwidth being used up for fetching user info.

Titanium mobile announcements for release dates and future plans

27th Oct – Appcelerator Titanium Webinar Recording , questions and answers

Titanium mobile announcements for release dates and future plans


Watch the webcast recording for the Q&A session here

Q&A Transcript

These are the questions and answers which were posted during the Titanium webinar which took place on 27th Oct 2010

Will Blackberry still be windows only?

it’ll be mac when RIM adds a Mac simulator

Audience Question

Does Titanium support Black Barry…???? If yes how can I get it. I didn’t see anything about blackbarry on the appcelarator.com?

BlackBerry is in beta through Q1 next year.  It’s available in beta to Pro/Enterprise subscribers today

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