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Textoo Pro ; in the works

July 17th 2011 : Textoo Pro now in the apple app store. Download it here :

July 10th 2011 : Textoo v2.0 renamed to Textoo Pro

Release of Textoo Pro has been postponed to July 15th 2011 due to app store codesign issues.

Here’s a sneak peek into the brand new version of Textoo Pro – the iOS app which lets you send free real SMS to any mobile phone in India and other countries.
Based on the numerous feedback emails we have got, we have tried our best to incorporate all the enhancements into this version.

A brand new custom designed UI with retina support
With an intent to keep the UI similar on both iOS and android versions, the entire UI was rewritten by avoiding the use the standard components provided by apple SDK as much as possible. The UI design was inspired by Apple’s iBook application and each page was designed to work well on both portrait and landscape views with support for retina and non retina displays. Animations and transitions were added to boost the look and feel of the app.

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Titanium mobile announcements for release dates and future plans

27th Oct – Appcelerator Titanium Webinar Recording , questions and answers

Titanium mobile announcements for release dates and future plans


Watch the webcast recording for the Q&A session here

Q&A Transcript

These are the questions and answers which were posted during the Titanium webinar which took place on 27th Oct 2010

Will Blackberry still be windows only?

it’ll be mac when RIM adds a Mac simulator

Audience Question

Does Titanium support Black Barry…???? If yes how can I get it. I didn’t see anything about blackbarry on the

BlackBerry is in beta through Q1 next year.  It’s available in beta to Pro/Enterprise subscribers today

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Titanium Mobile Screenshot

Titanium Mobile vs Sencha Touch

I just  tried out the sencha touch examples  on the android 1.6 simulator and the performance is pathetic. Seems like google forgot to properly implement their javascript V8 engine onto their OS.

Appcelerator’s Titanium Mobile and Sencha touch are 2 different frameworks which address a totally different set of audiences. Comparing them is like comparing apples to oranges. But, to a person who has never eaten fruits ever and wants to just try tasting one (analogy to creating a simple app which doesnt do much of processing) and not try juggling with the fruits (analogy to creating detailed games or apps with lot of processing involved), they appear the same. So here’s a post attempting to compare them and help out those who have to make a choice when it comes to building a  simple app.

Titanium Mobile Kitchensink app running in iPhone simulator

Sencha touch examples app running in iPhone simulator


Here’s where Titanium Mobile wins : Continue reading “Titanium Mobile vs Sencha Touch” »

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Kaun banega crorepati flash game

Kaun banega crorepati game (kbc2) (download the game)

Update as of 5th June 2011 : Source code for the game has been published on this page. Now you can change the game as you wish, using Swishmax (

Update as of 20th Dec 2010 : I have been noticing quite a lot of visitors reaching this page through google search.  So drop in a comment if you would like me to add any new features onto the game.

This was a simple game I created using SWiSH in 2005. The questions appear randomly with no logic for the levels of difficulty and the “Phone a friend” lifeline is a dummy lifeline with no real purpose. You should check out the game here. The game was hosted on a free domain and also on initially which got a decent amount of hits. Those domain names dont exist anymore, so I have published it here. You can download the source code and read the instructions below if you like to edit the game to suite your needs.

Click below to play the game

VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
Rating: 7.8/10 (4324 votes cast)
VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
Rating: 7.8/10 (4324 votes cast)

KBC flash game source code

I have also noticed a few visitors to this blog searching for terms like “kbc game source code”. I am not sure whether anyone want to modify the existing flash game to accomodate new lifelines or game rules.
Anyway, you can download the source code for this game and a sample questions database (20 questions only) using the link below. You will need Swishmax v3 to open the .swi source file and edit program logic. If you just want to edit the questions and answers database, you can edit the core.kbc file in the zip archive.
If you modify the game using this source code and publish it elsewhere, you should retain an always visible text which reads “”

Download the game

How to add your own questions or edit the questions in KBC ?

The questions database (core.kbc is included in the package) contents are as follows :

&ques1=What is capital of India?&
&ques2=Who is known as the father of the nation?&
&a2=Lal Bahadur Sastri&
&b2=Mahatma Gandhi&
&c2=Bal Gangadhar Tilak&
&d2=Rajiv Gandhi&

The first line &totques=183& in the file can be changed to specify the total number of questions you have in your database. If you plan to put only 20 questions, change the line to &totques=20&

The first question is in a variable called quest1, the second on quest2 and so on…
Similar naming for options . Variables a1,b1,c1,d1 will contain the text for the options for question 1. a2,b2 etc for question no 2

Answer is specified as &ans1=2& where the value 2 says the answer for question number 1 is option b (i.e, the variable b1). Similarly ans1=3 means that the answer is c.

Hence, by editing the core.kbc file using an text editor, you can modify/add new questions to the game.

You can access the source code of the flash game by opening the KBC.swi file using SwishMax. Post the URL of your version of the game as a comment in this page, I would love to see them.

kon banega crorepati game
kbc game
kaun banega crorepati game download
play kbc online

My Current Location

Update as of 17 June 2011 : I have changed my phone from Nokia E71 to iPhone 4 and I found a better way to display my location. In Nokia Symbian Phones, the Google maps app itself included a feature to auto update in the background, but the battery drain was considerably high . Also , whenever I reboot my phone, I forget to enable tracking after bootup. Now in iPhone 4 in addition to the google latitude app, you could use Apple’s implementation of find my iphone tracking service right from iOS. I found this really cool script sometime back called playnice (PHP script run as a cronjob). This script will manually initiate a “find my iphone” request which will fetch my iphone’s current location instantly and use the data to update my google latitude location. This way, the battery drain is negligible because there is no background app running on my phone tracking my location, instead … my server initiates a location update request at a frequency which I specify and this request reaches my iPhone more or less consuming data as much as a PUSH notification only . This way I am always getting tracked even if I reboot my phone and there is no need of any app to be running in the background. Also there is no location history in, but with playnice, my server maintains a complete geo co-ordinates history in a text file, which will help me better track my phone , in case it gets lost.

My location data is automatically fetched using Google Latitude Location API. The Google maps app on my phone broadcasts my location automatically and thus you can see my current location on this page

The iframe displayed below uses google location API to fetch the address of my current location. You should head on to this post to read a tutorial on adding this to your own blog.

The widget here shows all the locations I have visited in the last 1 week and can pull the data from both Google latitude and Foursquare servers. Pretty cool widget if you switch between foursquare and google latitude/maps on your phone very frequently.

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