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PHP class to send SMS using free SMS gateways

17th Dec ’10 :

Now here’s the deal. 160by2,way2sms and freesms8 offer free SMS and earn money through the ads on their website. By using this PHP script, we are bypassing their website illegally as their ad never gets shown. I hope you will keep this in mind when you use this script. If you want to send free SMS legally, then head over to and create an account. They are offering an excellent service totally free of cost.
Also the developers at way2sms and freesms8 keep changing their url’s and security methods to prevent such scripts from working ( guys are cool about this). And as this PHP code published here can be viewed publicly, their jobs become easy. So I will not be able to continue development of the scripts because as soon as I publish the code here, way2sms/freesms8 change their code to break my code.
So there should be a way to restrict access to the PHP code published here so that the code reaches appropriate hands only. Maybe a password protected SVN or forums based on reputation points, I dont know..
Post in your opinions about this as a comment and lets see whether we can work it out together.

Update as of 5th Oct ’10 : Bulk SMS services restored !!

Update as of 24th Sep ’10 : Govt has banned bulk sms temporarily. So all the bulk sms providers have stopped their services. More info. This script will not work till Sep 29th. In the meantime, I will upload the next version of the script which can check internet connectivity, login errors and other responses sent by the gateway. I will also be adding support for and gateways.

Update as of 10th Sep ’10: The code has been updated to accomodate a small change in the way2sms website.

Update as of 15th Aug ’10 : The code has been updated to work on all 160by2 and way2sms accounts and also will fetch any error codes being generated by these gateways. If you encounter any bugs, drop in a comment.

This is a PHP script I wrote a while back to automate the sending of SMS/text message using account.

You can use this PHP API script to send free sms India, Kuwait, Singapore, UAE, Phillipines, Malaysia etc. Very useful if you are combining this with the registration page of your website to verify the users mobile number similar to verification of their email address.

Some possible real world applications of this script are :
1. Email to SMS.
2. Birthday alerts/Daily joke/thought for the day/news SMS
3. Gtalk/XMPP to SMS Continue reading “PHP class to send SMS using free SMS gateways” »

Joomla Multiple registration forms plugin for Community builder

This Community builder plugin enables adding of multiple registration forms to Joomla. It is tested to be working in Community builder 1.2 with Joomla 1.5.

Install this plugin into Joomla through the community builder plugin installer and enable it.

Defining multiple forms

Click on this plugin under the plugin management tab and in the params section define the forms in this format:



  • form_name is a identifier for the form you are creating. Keep it unique and without spaces. This form_name has to be passed as a GET parameter to the default CB registration page to show up only the fields you want.
  • field_name1,field_name2 etc are the names of the fields under the Field management tab in CB.

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andLinux andWindows7

I have been doing PHP on Windows till now, but a week back I realised that I wanted something which Windows couldnt give me. The pcntl_fork( ) function was not implemented on windows. So I had to either do PHP on a remote shell or install linux on separate partition. Remote shell wasnt a bad idea because I already had an account on and they had all PHP functions enabled. But there was not Gnome/KDE and I had to settle for vim. Then I decided that I will run Linux through VMware. I had tried this even before, and knew that it would be painstakingly slow.

Luckily I came across andLinux when I was googling for vmware. I thought I will give it a try .. 200 MB wont take much time. The installation was quick, just keep “next”ing and Voila , linux is installed in 5 minutes.
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Flash iPhone widget (with sourcecode) for subscribing to Google SMS channels

This widget will enable your site visitors to subscribe to you google sms channel just by entering their mobile number. An invite is sent to their mobile phone automatically.

Please wait till the widget loads

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The php curl script will automate a user login to google sms channel Continue reading “Flash iPhone widget (with sourcecode) for subscribing to Google SMS channels” »

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