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I have been using the windows vista sidebar a lot lately and found a gadget for every purpose from love calculators to email alerters. Yesterday I came across the eftel usage meter and then felt that there must be a gadget for my ISP too. So I created this small gadget.

Vista Sidebar Gadget

Vista Sidebar Gadget

The dataone usage finder vista sidebar gadget is a must if you use the BSNL’s Dataone broadband connection. It will automatically login to your dataone account and retreive the off-peak and total bandwidth usage and calculates the bandwidth remaining in the current month. It will also refresh itself after a certain specified time interval.

There are other tools which do the exact same thing by staying in the system tray like Dataone Quick Usage Finder, Dataone Usage Finder, Dataone tool. These tools are excellent and have better features than the Dataone gadget.

But the advantage of this gadget is that its tiny, consumes lesser resources, simple and requires no installation. It also fetches the data in less than 5 seconds much lesser than the other programs.

Instructions for use :

To install it, just double click the gadget file you download. It gets added to the sidebar automatically. No separate installation needed.

Usage :

Before using it, enter your username ,password and monthly usage limit  in the settings page by clicking on the small spanner icon which appears when you roll over the cursor on the gadget. The gadget automatically shows the stats on clicking the OK button in settings page.

The First line displays the broadband package you have subscribed ( Home 250/500 etc). The second line gives you the total traffic ( download + upload ). If you have night unlimited package, the traffic includes the night usage also. The third line shows the billable usage which excludes the night (2am to 8am) usage. The progressbar shows the percentage of traffic used during the month. The usage limit i.e. the maximum traffic permitted for your package ( e.g Home 500 – 2.5 GB ) has to be set in the settings page. The fourth line shows the bandwidth remaining per day. i.e. the remaining bandwidth divided by the remaining number of days. The progress bar when at 100% will correspond to the average bandwidth remaining per day at the beginning of the month. If you can maintain the progress bar at 100 % , you can be sure that you will never run out of the bandwidth limit at the end of the month.The refresh button(green circular button) at the bottom left corner can be used to manually refresh the stats. Remember, the stats on the BSNL server get updated only if you disconnect the network(if you use the OS dialer) or if you restart the modem (if you are using the modem’s inbuilt pppoe dialer – holds true if your connection is always ON ).

The gadget will only work in Windows Vista and on a BSNL’s DataOne Broadband connection.

P.S. This gadget wont work for new dataone connections i.e. If you check the usage using bbservice.bsnl.in, the gadget wont work.

I do not have access to bbservice.bsnl.in. If someone who does have access could mail me their username and password, I would be happy to make the gadget work for newer connections too.

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Dataone Usage Meter
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